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300Mbps Wireless N Router - Wireless N Speed,Stable Performance,Enjoy Your IPTV,Easy Setup,Multiple Networks Available,Advanced Security,Parental Control,IPv6 Ready
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N301RT V1 is a wireless router which complies with 802.11n standard and delivers up to 300Mbps wireless transmission rate. With two high performance antennas, N301RT V1 ensures stable Wi-Fi signal and wide coverage, allowing multiple Wi-Fi devices to share Internet access simultaneously. Besides, it supports the most advanced WPA/WPA2 encryption method to prevent unauthorized access.

Wireless N Speed
N301RT V1 complies with wireless 11n standard and delivers Wi-Fi speed up to 300Mbps, satisfying all internet activities like network  communication, online gaming and video streaming.


Stable Performance
With two high performance antennas, you are able to share stable Wi-Fi on different devices simultaneously. 


Enjoy Your IPTV
Simply set up IPTV related information on N301RT V1's Easy Setup page, you can enjoy smooth IPTV and fast Wi-Fi at the same time.


Easy Setup
For Wi-Fi devices first connected to N301RT V1, the Log In page will show up automatically, configuration has never been so easier.


Multiple Networks Available
More than one Wi-Fi networks can be added to provide secure Wi-Fi acess for guest sharing your home or office network.


Advanced Security
The most advanced WPA/WPA2 (TKIP/AES) encryption is provided to ensure the security of wireless connection without having to worry about unauthorized use.


Parental Control
Wi-Fi Schedule helps parents to set up time schedule for Wi-Fi network access, effectively preventing children caught in the Web, better for parental control.


IPv6 Ready
N301RT V1 supports IPv6 protocol for higher security and wider IP address range.