B5-Lite | BACKHAUL | Mimosa

Capable of 750+ Mbps throughput, this radio can serve less bandwidth hungry areas easily.
Manufacturer: MIMOSA
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Introducing the B5-Lite, your next low-cost, high throughput backhaul radio. Using Mimosa’s TDMA protocol and 802.11ac technology, this 2x2:2 radio is a great option for locations that do not require collocation.

Capable of 750+ Mbps throughput, this radio can serve less bandwidth hungry areas easily. In a smaller form factor than the B5 and a 20 dBi antenna - the B5-Lite strips away a few advanced B5 features to provide you with an alternative low-cost solution.

Take a look at our Mimosa Backhaul Comparison Chart to discover which radio is best for your needs.

Visit our YouTube channel for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fire up your B5-Lite!

Industry Leading Price Performance

  • So Affordable

    The Mimosa B5-Lite is the most price efficient radio on the market. At just 39¢ per Mbps, the radio is an affordable addition to any network.

Auto Everything

Wireless interference can change in an instant, and your network needs to adapt. The Mimosa B5-Lite offers constant spectrum analysis with historical and real-time data to dynamically make smarter decisions.

The Auto Everything feature will automatically adjust frequency, channel width and power levels based on environmental feedback. This feature can be turned off for users that prefer more control.

Backhaul Made Simple

  • Lightweight

    The B5-Lite provides massive bandwidth in a tiny package. At 1.6 lbs per radio, your install just got a whole lot easier.

  • Low Power

    To save you operating costs, we engineered the perfect solution for solar-based deployment: 750+ Mbps performance delivered in under 20W.

High Performance

The Mimosa TDMA protocol establishes a new benchmark for PHY:MAC efficiency and spectrum re-use.

  • Choose between the highest possible throughput TDMA slot times (which use high packet aggregation techniques), or low latency slot times to support latency-critical vertical applications.

Advanced RF Efficiencies

Stream Power Peaking- Multi-stream MIMO radios normally settle on the lowest MCS rate across all the streams, severely degrading performance. Mimosa’s backhaul radios constantly advise the remote-side radio of individual stream receive levels, increasing those signal levels to meet the highest common attainable MCS rate.

Predictive AGC- When there’s a consistent signal from a single client, Mimosa’s Automatic Gain Control narrows the gain window of the receive signal amplitude for the next incoming packets to accelerate packet signal level detection.

Precision Receive Activation- A technique by which the receiver is precision-activated only when packets are expected to arrive over the link. Thus reducing the potential interference typically seen if a receiver prematurely begins decoding.