Flex USB 2 | ARC Wireless | CPE

Weather Resistant Outdoor 2.4 GHz USB CPE
Manufacturer: ARC WIRELESS
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The FlexUSB 2™ product provides the most economical high-powered MIMO CPE connectivity solution on the market today. Compatible with virtually all 802.11n access point/base station products, the FlexUSB 2™ offers service providers a low cost alternative to deliver seamless, up to 300 Mbps data connectivity, while not being locked into proprietary technology. The FlexUSB™ is offered in both 2.4 GHz spectrums and features 2×2 MIMO radio and antenna technology to deliver robust connectivity.

  • Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure
  • 300Mbps 2X2 MIMO 2.4GHz or 5GHz CPE
  • Two models available: FlexUSB 5 and FlexUSB 2
  • Fully adjustable mount
  • USB-powered
  • Patented antenna design
  • Windows, MAC and Linux drivers available
  • Pair with an iFlex™ or Flex mARC™ AP to create a robust wireless ARCFlex™ Split System solution
  • Ships with an outdoor 5m USB cable (will soon ship with an 8m cable)

When paired with an iFlex™ or Flex mARC™ APs you get the following benefits:

  • Change your FlexUSB™’s operating mode to transform it into a Point-to-Point endpoint or high-gain AP
  • One configuration UI for multiple devices/radios
  • Powered by the ARC•OS Wireless Platform
  • Always-on Wireless Management Network makes installation and maintenance hassle-free
  • Advanced wireless configuration options: Ack timeout, RTS, WMM, STBC, etc…
  • QoS and Bandwidth Limiting
  • ARCMobile™ iPhone and Android Installation App