Force 110 PTP | ePMP™ | Cambium

Wireless service providers and enterprises around the globe need affordable, reliable high performance links for their network backbone and to connect high value customers. As spectrum increasingly becomes a scarce commodity, finding the right broadband solution that optimizes the use of spectrum is critically important. These applications need a solution with low latency and superior packet processing capability in order to ensure high quality of service. The Force 110 PTP meets these stringent requirements at an affordable price.
Manufacturer: Cambium Networks
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The ePMP Force 110 PTP high gain integrated solution enhances range (25 dBi antenna with 30 dBm of transmit power) and improves throughput (up to 200 Mbps of real user data) in high interference environments. Force 110 PTP acheives 2 ms of round-trip latency and provides a 802.3af compliant Gigabit Ethernet port. Comprised of the ePMP 1000 Connectorized Synchronized Radio and the ePMP110A-525 Dish.

The ePMP Force 110 PTP:

Delivers up to 220 Mbps of real user throughput· Achieves 2 ms of round-trip latency· Comes equipped with a high gain (25 dBi) dish antenna for long range· Has high processing capability for optimized throughput· Provides a 802.3af compliant Gigabit Ethernet port· Includes eFortify – Cambium’s unique capabilities to maintain consistent performance even in high interference environments – and eCommand – a suite of tools and features that include Cambium’s renowned LINKPlanner applicationThe Force 110 PTP is comprised of the ePMP 1000 Connectorized Synchronized Radio and the ePMP110A-525 Dish.Operating in the 5 GHz frequency spectrum, the solution brings wireless broadband connectivity to customers overlonger distances and provides a superior return on investment.The platform supports bandwidth-intensive services such as VoIP, video and data utilizing ePMP’s advanced QoSmechanism, delivering high performance and exceptional reliability in difficult RF conditions.It is the most efficient connectivity solution for reaching the under and unconnected around the world.