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ePMP Force 190 Channel Spacing: Configurable on 5 MHz increments,Frequency Range: 4910 - 5970 MHz,Channel Width: 5 | 10 | 20 | 40 MHz
Manufacturer: Cambium Networks
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The Cambium ePMP Force 190 is PMP (presently, most perfect) in the field of integrated dish antennas and it should be after having been designed based on the input of wireless ISP service providers around the world. With its multi-configurable frequencies, a newly increased dBi gain that gives much more range of connectivity, highly intelligent hypersensitivity to video and voice streaming for consistent media access without any buffering, and easy installation, this antenna guarantees consistent connection even in high-interference environments.

ePMP Force 190 Features

• High gain 11” dish antenna
• Single 10/100 Ethernet port
• Adjustable mounting bracket (vertical and azimuth)
• Compatibility with “Canopy” PoE pinout and standard PoE pinouts to help end users more easily migrate their networks to ePMP

ePMP Force 190 Specifications

• Channel Spacing: Configurable on 5 MHz increments
• Channel Width: 5 | 10 | 20 | 40 MHz

ePMP Force 190 Includes

• Cambium ePMP Force 190 5Ghz Subscriber Module
• US power cord
• Adjustable mounting bracket with metal ring
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