Split Station 2 | ARC Wireless | CPE

Dual Radio Set- Indoor 2.4 GHz AP +Outdoor 2.4 GHz CPE
Manufacturer: ARC WIRELESS
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Make your network more ARCFlexible with a SplitStation 2™! The SplitStation 2™ dual radio set is designed to provide the WISP with two solutions for the cost of one: connectivity back to virtually any MIMO access point and indoor customer premise wireless coverage. All of this is offered at a cost less than other CPEs on the market! 

The set includes both a high powered 2.4 GHz 2×2 MIMO CPE, along with an indoor 2.4 GHz access point featuring ARC’s zero-loss antenna technology to provide thorough indoor coverage.

Office Installations

Receive WAN access via the outdoor W-WAN CPE while offering simultaneous access inside your office with the built-in W-LAN Access point.

Residential Installations

Customer receives access to the carrier network via the outdoor W-WAN CPE while the indoor AP provides wireless coverage on the inside of the customer’s home at the same time.

HotZone/Hotspot Installations

Make any installation into a HotZone. Hotspot networks coexist with the standard wireless networks running on the device.